Lapland 2010

Into the wild

Kittila - Levi

Heve you seen the movie Into the wild? In this film hero Christopher McCandless (played Emile Hirsch) send all money to charity and safe only a little money for fuel. He decided to change life and escape from society. After the accident with car he burn all left money and hidden the license plate. Unlike him, my adventure started the problems with booking tickets to Lapland. At first I wanted go to Rovaniemi (capital of Lapland and Santa Claus village) and then I change it to Kittila 200km above Polar Circle (the last international airport). My sister has been living there 3 years and working like a tourist guide. So I had accommodation and advantage because weight limit was 20+8kg. I was traveled low cost flight via Finair, but it cost 9000 Kc. I arrived to Kittila on 10th September 2010. It was little bit hotter than I expected about 17°C but the autumn was starting. I was really enjoying the color of tree. Next tree day we spend near Kittila and Levi.


First day we went to bog and we were fishing. Second day I was hiking 5h around Wolverine hill near Levi. Third day was raining so we went some Sami round up fences and lake. Then we started climb to Kumputunturi. There was I magic old forest on the foot of this hill. This hill is 581m height, bare and with beautiful point of view.


In the morning we traveled by car do the Inary. Sometimes the road is just clay. We stopped near Siida (Sami Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre). I did not have time because I had to catch bus to the north. The bus driver delivers the mail in mailbox near route too. How effective :-) In the afternoon a started big my journey to the wilderness. When I get off from bus at a parking place was only 4-5 cars. I was hiking in the coast of lake. Reindeer cross the path tree times.


In the morning was overcast. Before lunch, I entered the tundra. Some showers were started. I recognized the wolverine track. I reached the shelter made of turf of grass. After rest, I left to nothingness, only lichen and reindeer near river. (There lived 8 000 reindeers). Before sunset I reached the wilderness hut.


Next morning I left to the foggy tundra After 1.5 hours should be a place with shelter. I wasn't able to find it. I checked the map but the direction wasn't OK. I saw the man with dog. I asked her and I was realized that I made stupid mistake when waded through two rivers. I was totally disoriented and went back! It started raining heavily and the wind blow strong. I was quickly going to the shelter. I prepared fire and was drying my equipment. I wanted reach the camping place near lake before night. I sat by the fire with the Finnish pair, when it appeared aurora borealis. Mysterious green and purple light was strongly cover night sky. The lights were changing and then disappeared.


It was bright night. I woke up by cold. The dew was frozen. I wanted go to the canyon. It started to drizzle 2h later. I did not see the canyon but just heard it. The route was bad with roots, some stairways and ladder. After another 2 hour a saw amazing waterfall with colorful trees in the background. (It called Fiellujoki falls, 26m). I had to cross the river. I waded through a river deep 0.5m. There was rope with pulley. After rest in shelter with fireplace a decided to continue. It was still raining. After sunset I reached the small wood house (for wood and garbage) in Lake Basin. But it was new one ;-)


In the morning wake up early because I wanted reach better shelter with stove to prepared hot food. The path was full of roots and stone. After lunch I was climbing up to the canyon and then 8km thought tundra. I was coming down to the pine forest. There was wonderful point of view to the canyon. Trail led down along the lakeshore. The weather becomes better so I could take more photos. Last river wade was 20m and deep 65cm. In the film, Chris remained trapped in the wild if the river over flooding. I was continued to the last camping place near was great view at the end of the canyon. For sure, I spent the night up at the lake.

Last night

At dawn, I'm cold I cannot sleep. Sun appeared. I counted six days alone in the wilderness. It was an unforgettable experience. I continued the last 2.5 km to the bus. He went for only one day because it was Sunday. I traveled back to Ivalo and then to Sodankyla via cold line bus ;-)


Lapland is a dream for everybody who enjoys trekking. There is a very sophisticated system of shelters and wilderness hut. It is usually free or you can hire if you want, the better one. This is the opposite of the rules in the Czech national parks. You must see some Lapland national parks and this type of landscape.

Kevo - Nature Reserve

Kevo natural reserve, which was establish in 1956, is the northern most wide protected area (400km above the polar circle). The reasons behind the protection are the unique Kevo canyon and the surrounding Fell nature, which is extremely sensitive to damage. In the center of the park is a canyon with a length of over 40km and depth of over 100m in some place. A marked hiking trail is 63km.



Fiellujoki falls


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